Who We Are

Today, we invite you to Space Studio; a modern space that connects the art of lights and sound with the physical practice of movement. Imagine working out under a spectrum of lights and reaping the benefits of the energy-giving properties of light. Our studio creates an otherworldly sanctuary for your practice. We want you to own your space, your breath and your practice.

Why lights?

Ever wonder why our bodies are active during the day and get sleepy at night? Every human being’s body is running on a sleep/wake cycle which scientifically called, “Circadian  Rhythm”. To have the perfect Circadian Rhythm, is when you are active during the day and passive during the night. Unfortunately, most adults have trouble sleeping during the night and mostly tired throughout the day, especially after lunch hour.

We are exposed to blue light through laptops, smartphones, tv’s and tablets daily. Over exposure to blue light has been scientifically proven to suppress the production of melatonin and disrupt our sleeping cycle.

With this in mind, we have curated different types of classes and paired them with different coloured lights to benefit your body, mind, and soul.

Marrying light and colour therapy techniques, our classes work to deepen your practice and stimulate your senses. The positive vibes don’t end in class, our light therapy will continue to invigorate your daily lifestyle.


  • 1st Chakra (Mulahara). located at a human’s root area.
  • Helps with better blood circulation and improve sleeping pattern.
  • Best performed during evening time



  • 2nd Chakra (Swadhisthana)located slightly above the sacrum bone
  • Helps to spread your inner knowledge and stay inspire


  • 3rd Chakra (Manipura). located at the navel region
  • Helps to kick start your day and set the right mindset.
  • Best performed in the morning!


  • 4th Chakra (Anahatha). Located at the center of your chest (heart!). 
  • Helps to reduce stress and boost energy.


  • 5th Chakra (Vishuddha). located at the throat area
  • Reduces tiredness/sluggishness during the day.


Indigo & Purple

  • 6th (Ajna) & 7th (Sahasrara) Chakra.  Ajna is located at the third eye and Sahasrara is located at the crown.
  • Perfect colour for Yin Yoga and Meditation as it relaxes your body and mind.


  • Pink is all about playful and fun!
  • Perfect for our barre class!