Level: All Levels

Suitable for all levels, this class allows you to learn how to isolate and activate the right muscles to improve balance, core strength, flexibility and posture. Class may include some props, such as Pilates ring, resistance bands, balls, and weights.


Level: Intermediate/Advanced Levels

Expect a full-body dynamic flow, where you’ll explore a curated sequence of arm balances, inversions, and advanced poses. You’ll be carefully guided through the techniques of advanced poses to help you take your practice to the next level.


Level: All Levels

A unique practice founded by Michael Ken and perfected with various techniques from yoga, ballet, contemporary dance and acrobatics. This unique practice creates space within your body and improves kinaesthetic functions.

Hatha Flow

Level: All Levels

A gentle approached where the instructor leads from pose to pose and connecting each pose with the breath. Variety of modifications offered hence, it’s suitable for all levels.

Ashtanga Yoga

Level: Intermediate

Ashtanga is an energetic flow combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete series of practice. It involves synchronizing breath with progressive and continuous postures, which produces internal heat while detoxifying the body.


Level: Intermediate Levels

Challenge yourself to our Pilates+ classes where we take you to the next level, focusing on engaging and strengthening your core. This class is suitable for regular practitioners who are looking to take it up a notch!


Level: Beginner

This is an introduction class for beginners who are ready to kick start their journey in yoga! You will be introduced the Sun Salutation and basic poses.

Yin & Yang with sound

Level: All levels

In this class, you experience the best part of both worlds. Yang kicks in during the first half as an active practice, followed by Yin which incorporates deep stretching and soothing sounds from the Tibetan singing bowl.


Level: All levels

Yogilates is the combination of both Yoga and Pilates. In this class, we will be concentrating on different breathing technics to raise and enhance body stamina.

Pregnancy Yoga

Level: All levels

If you are pregnant and looking to improve flexibility, strength and stamina, pregnancy yoga will provide you the journey. It is a safe way of exercising during your pregnancy, physically and mentally prepare you for childbirth and motherhood. Also suitable to no previous yoga experience. Recommended to perform after 1st trimester. Advisable to seek your doctor’s consent prior to your first pregnancy class with us