Level: Intermediate / Advanced
*at least 3 months of yoga practice

Flow+ is an intermediate/advanced class. Unroll your yoga mat for an full-body dynamic flow where you’ll explore a curated sequence of arm balances, inversions, and advanced poses. Our instructor will carefully guide you through the techniques and foundations of advanced poses to help you take your practice to the next level.


Level: All Levels

Open to all, this is a fun and energetic class where we combine HIIT and movement with the latest hits!  We’ll help you tailor your flow to your own mat. This is a perfect class to build strength and increase endurance.  Expect to leave the class sweaty, stronger and with a new found energy and a big smile!


Level: Beginner

Introduction class to beginners who are ready to venture into yoga journey! In Flow101, we will introduce the Sun Salutation and basic poses.


Level: All Levels
*At least 1 month of yoga practice

Dance flow is an expressive sequence where movement is applies together with your breath. Imagine graceful dance movement with yoga poses, creating gentle, and mindful body movement

Chill & Breath

Level: All Levels

Chill & Breath is your best pick-me-up class during your lunch break. In this class, we will be marrying both breath and simple stretching poses to perk you up and de-stress during mid-day.

Fly & Invert

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
*Beginner is welcome but at least 3 months of yoga practice


Level: All Levels

Our Recovery class is the perfect antidote to a busy lifestyle. Ease into healing restorative poses that encourage the body to achieve balance and release tension. We’ll take you through a guided meditation as you lie down comfortably, drifting off to your own imagination. You’ll walk out feeling calm, relaxed and centred. Ps.  You’ll also be treated to the soothing sounds of the singing bowl and a massage!

Stretch & Bend

Level: All Levels

Stretch & Bend is a spine improvement class where we incorporate chest opening and backbend poses. Our spine will determine our body age, not the number! We will incorporate this class together with yellow and green to stimulates the targeted chakras (Heart & Solar Plexus).